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How many new products do you add each month?

We produce 100-200 new products monthly. Sometimes less, sometimes more depending on complexity.

Which formats do you currently support?

Currently, our library supports the following download formats: Unity Standard, Unity Standard Specular Workflow, Unreal Engine Metallic, Substance Painter, and World Creator Terrain.

You can download any variation at any time after your initial purchase of a product for no extra cost.

Can I re-download a product?

Yes. Once you have purchased a material from our library, you may access it indefinitely from your Cloud Library.

Do my downloads accumulate from month to month?

Of course! As long as your account is active, you will continue to receive your downloads each month, and they will accumulate on top of one another.

May I use a Single Seat License for Freelance or Outsource work?

Yes - if your client also has a usage license for If they don't, we can help - please contact our support and we will get in contact with them for you!

What if I need help with a product?

We have a world class support team, with on average less than one hour response times. We'll help you in any way we possibly can!

How many Points does each download cost?

Each download is 2 download Credits. If you have 60 download credits, you may download 30 products.